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Contrary to popular beliefs, Salvador Dalí wasn't only a surrealist painter, he was also a writer. His style was varied, and changed from one period to another. First of all, he was drawn to cubism, followed by futurism, then by the metaphysics and finally by surrealism. This great Spanish artist was selfish (in an almost exaggerated way), arrogant, touchy and distrustful: he was a paranoid. In his surrealist phase, Dalí developed a method he named the critical-paranoiac method, which he defines as a "spontaneous method of irrational knowledge, based on the critical-interpretive association of delirious phenomena... It's a systematic interpretation of the experimental matter which has a narcissistic tendency to isolate itself." (Dalí, according to "Histoire de l'art", p.278) In simpler words, it's a method invented by Dalí, which consists of painting the "flashes" (activity of our unconscious).

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